I am a developer with a passion for building things and solving problems. I am currently employed as an architect at Neverfail, mainly focused on the Workspaces product.

I live in a van, which may or may not be down by a river. Check out My Vanifesto to learn more about why. Or find me on Instagram to check my current “by a river” status.

I am passionate about the outdoors, and I can usually be found on a trail somewhere. Or not found, depending on the trail. Based on the weather and location, I’ll be equipped with my mountain bike (Colonel Larry Mustard, the Bananajammer), skis, or just some hiking boots. I am a mountain bike racer, and am participating in several of the 2018 NUE Marathon Series Races.

I’m also a BJCP Certified beer judge, homebrewer on sabbatical, and compulsive DIYer

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